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84 Years of Experience Guarantees the Best Services in Engine Rebuilding

Is engine rebuilding or replacement in your future? Engine Rebuilding is a decision that must be made when an engine has spun a main or a rod bearing or is just worn out from usage. For classic and antique car owners sometimes engine rebuilding is the only course of action left to them because replacement engines are not available. Engine Rebuilding is one reason Hart's Machine Service is so invaluable. Hart's Machine Service has been in the engine rebuilding business since 1926 and has all the machines and experienced technicians to diagnose your engine problems and repair or rebuild your engine to original running condition.

Given that Hart's is an expert at engine rebuilding Hart's Machine Service recommends that you use Brad Penn oil to protect your older rebuilt engine for the following reasons. The Brad Penn, Penn Grade High Performance Oils contain the higher level of anti-wear and enhanced film strength so critical to proper high performance engine protection. The Penn-Grade 1 oils typical 1,500 ppm Zinc (Zn) and 1340-1400 ppm Phosphorus (P) content provide the needed anti-wear protection to critical engine parts, such as piston/cylinder walls, roller cams under heavy valve spring pressure and especially those that employ a solid flat tappet type system. This is very important after engine rebuilding.

As important as the chemistry is to the Penn-Grade 1 oils, it is by no means the whole story. The unique base oil cut used to refine the Penn-Grade 1 High Performance Oils maintain a tremendous affinity to metal surfaces. This naturally occurring metal wetting characteristic enables the oil to stay put on your highly stressed engines and makes the Penn-Grade 1 High Performance Oil resist slinging for an extended period of time. This will also give an engine an extra protection needed after engine rebuilding. Also, rest assured in knowing that the Penn-Grade 1 High Performance Oils are 100% Made in the USA.

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Putting the life back into your engine is the heart of what we do at
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