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Everything You Need to Know About Engine Babbitt Bearings

Another specialty at Hart's Machine Service is babbitt bearings. Most engines manufactured before the 1940's had removable babbitt bearings which are no longer available today. Creating new babbitt bearings is the process of removing and refurbishing rod bearing shells, begins with cleaning the parts for the new babbitt bearings. Next, Hart's Machine Service will take pictures of all parts to allow for duplication of all oil holes or characteristics unique to the original bearing shells on the finished product. Babbitt, a tin-based material begins as a bar Babbitt Bar and is melted down Melting Pots and then poured into a mold which connects the babbitt bearings to a steel or brass shell, Brass Shell or directly to the rod or an engine block creating new babbitt bearings. The new babbitt bearings are then machined Finished Shells to the correct specifications for the engine.

In the picture, the rod on the right is a modern bearing and on the left is a babbitted rod. Rod If you have an engine, whether it be an automotive, a tractor, a stationary(Hit-N-Miss), or industrial engine with babbitt bearings, look no further than Hart's Machine Service for quality craftsmanship. We can pour new babbitt bearings for your main and rod bearings, machine and rebuild your entire engine and are able to locate the hard to find parts for all your engine needs. With Hart's Machine Service, you will get precision craftmanship and quality workmanship with over 84 years of experience. Hart's babbitt bearing experience speaks for itself with over 75 various engines rebabbitted as of this date.Click here to see the complete list of completed jobs.

Putting the life back into your engine is the heart of what we do at
Hart's Machine Service!

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